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Dance Plus 3 Voting Details !!

Dance Plus 3 India’s top dancing reality show is now on air on national television star plus. This time show has come up with a new theme and dancing parameters. Participants are participating in this show from different states of India. The winner will be announced by Dance Plus 3 Online Voting. And every contestant will have different voting details. Therefore, All you have to do is to check the voting codes of all the top contestants. So In this article, you will get every single detail about the top contestants.

Dance Plus 3 Contestants Details

Voting will start after the declaration of top 10 finalists. This time there is some twist in Dance Plus 3 Online Voting. With the Indian participants, so many dance professionals from different regions of the world will participate in Dance plus 3 to compete with Indian participants. In duet performance, one team who will defeat international team will be the winner of Dance plus 3.


Dance Plus 3 Online Voting

Dance plus 3 voting will open very soon. Voting lines of all participants will be updated very soon on our website. So to catch your favorite show details and to vote for your favorite show, stay tuned to our website to get all details of Dance Plus 3 Online voting. Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh, and Punit Pathak are the mentors. All participants are divided into their teams. One team member will win the Dance plus 3. Viewers also can vote to your favorite mentors’ team participants. Voting is the big advantage for participants. Because votes will decide the participants Dance future in Dance plus three. So viewers keep watching the show and keep voting for Dance plus 3 participants.

Dance Plus 3 Online Voting



Dance Plus 3 Voting Number

The voting number for Dance plus 3 Voting will release soon, which will declare during the show. To vote for dance plus 3 participants

  • You have to just give missed call on toll-free number 180053211 and Code of the contestant.
  • Just dial this no. with the voting code.
  • Then give missed call to the participant to whom you want.
  • After this, your vote will be confirmed.

Note – Voting code for top participants will be distributed soon. Then it will become easy for you to vote for your favorite contestants. Till then follow to get updates of Dance Plus 3 Online voting, Voting numbers of the candidates.

Group/Individual NameTeam NameVoting Number
Tarun & ShivaniDharmesh18005321101
House of SurajPuneet18005321102
Aryan PatraDharmesh18005321103
Shri Rama Nataka NiketanShakti18005321104
AVP CrewPuneet18005321105
Ayush & MukeshPuneet18005321106
Bir Radha SherpaPuneet18005321107
Amardeep singh NattDharmesh18005321108


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Dance Plus 3 Top 8 Contestants Voting Details

 Till now contestants list have not been disclosed yet.  Soon you will be able to see the name of contestants as well as their voting details. So, keep your eye on this post to get voting code details. Later it will be published on this website after releasing the numbers. Dance Plus 3 Voting lines are now open. There are two types of Voting

Online Voting: Unavailable at Present
Offline Voting: Via Missed Call Numbers

At Present, there is no online voting in Dance Plus 3. But offline voting can be done by giving a missed call to your favorite contestant. Following are the Voting details of every contestant in Dance Plus 3. Let’s see out of three teams whose team win the Dance plus 3. 

1.Tarun and Shivani Voting Details 

Tarun and Shivani is a Duo Artist. They are from Team Dharmesh. Tarun is from Nasik and Shivani is From Ahmedabad. they are famous for Contemporary dancing. They have entered the Dance Plus Top 8 contestants in the Last week.

Tarun & Shivani Vote Online

Dance Plus 3 Online Voting


Voting number: 18005321101
Voting Code: 01
Team: Dharmesh

2.House of Suraj Voting Details

The House of Suraj is a Group artist of 7 girls. they are from Los Angeles. The main Dance Form of the group is Waacking. Therefore, We must say Punit Pathak has brought a very talented group to dance plus 3.So vote now for House of suraj.

House of Suraj Vote Online

Dance Plus 3 Online Voting


Voting Number: 18005321102
Voting Code: 02
Team: Punit

3.Aryan Patra Voting Details

So The Artist is from Ranchi, Jharkhand and is just 17 years old. he has a unique dance style. Dharmesh is quite confident about Aryan Patra because he is the First Artist of being in Top 6. So the Dance Plus 3 Online Voting details for Aryan Patra is given below.

Aryan Patra Vote Online


Dance Plus 3 Online Voting

Voting Number: 18005321103
Voting Code: 03
Team: Dharmesh

4.Shri Rama Nataka Niketan Voting Details

The group is famous for Classical Dancing. As they perform Bharatnatyam in their every act. they are from Shakti’s team and basically are the resident of Hyderabad. so In order to vote for Shri Rama Nataka Niketan check the details

Shri Rama Nataka Niketan Vote Online

Dance Plus 3 Online Voting


Voting Number: 18005321104
Voting Code: 04
Team: Shakti




Dance Plus 3 Eliminated Contestants


5.AVP Crew Voting Details

AVP is the trio Group from Pune. They have performed really well till now and are now eligible for Online Voting. They are from Punit Pathak’s Team. Therefore, in order to cast Dance Plus 3 Online Voting you need to check AVP Crew’s Voting details. So the details are

AVP Crew Vote Online


Dance Plus 3 Online Voting


Voting Number: 18005321105
Voting Code: 05
Team: Punit



6.Ayush & Mukesh Voting Details

A sweet duo of a child Ayush and his master Mukesh. Really an inspirational duo. the duo is from Kolkata and is famous for doing contemporary dancing. So the Voting detail for Ayush and Mukesh are:


Ayush & Mukesh Vote Online

Dance Plus 3 Online Voting

Voting Number: 18005321106
Voting Code: 06
Team: Punit

7.Bir Radha Sherpa Voting Details

Bir is from Punit’s Team. He is 24 years old and is from Silchar, Assam. Also, His name is on his mother’s Name i.e. Radha Sherpa. His Dance style is on his name itself i.e. Bir style. So the Dance Plus 3 Online Voting details are

Bir Radha Sherpa Vote Online


Dance Plus 3 Online Voting


Voting Number: 18005321107
Voting Code: 07
Team: Punit

8.Amardeep Singh Natt Voting Details

He is famous for Robotics and is from Mumbai. And he had tried 2 times for Dance Plus but was not selected. in Season 3 his luck gets shined and he gets selected in Dharmesh’s Team. He is a solo artist. Dance Plus 3 Online Voting details for Amardeep Singh is given below.

Amardeep singh Natt Vote Online

Dance Plus 3 Online Voting


Voting Number: 18005321108
Voting Code: 08
Team: Dharmesh

Therefore, For more details about Dance Plus 3 Online Voting and its Offline voting, you can subscribe Facebook Page Reality Show Updates

So you can contact us anytime and may check required details about the top contestants. So be with us.



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