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Bigg Boss Tamil Voting [Vote Online]~All Updates !!

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Hello Folks, As you know that Bigg Boss is one of the most-watched shows on Indian Television. But like this Bigg Boss Tamil show is also very famous in south India. And for this year in 2017, the show has been started from 25th June. Here in this article, you will get to know about Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting, how you may vote for your favourite contestant and check for their names as well.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting


This week there are five contestants those are nominated for the elimination. And the contestants’ names are:

  • Arav
  • Bindu Madhavi
  • Ganesh Vanketram
  • Harish Kalyan
  • Snehan

The voting Polls for these 5 housemates are as following. Vote as much as you can.

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Note: Every week on Monday episode here are published Bigg Boss voting polls.These Voting polls are not official, however, to vote for the contestants officially you may follow the steps given below in this post.  

Bigg Boss Tamil Winner Updates

It seems like Snehan is getting less popular among the housemates. As it’s his third time that is is being nominated. What will happen next week? Is it Snehan who will leave the house or somebody else. let’s watch it out and keep voting online for your favourite participant. 

Updates: After the eviction of Oviya the shows TRP has gone down. So there may be a chance of getting Oviya back into the show as a wild card entry participant. But Oviya has cleared recently that she is in no mood to return to Bigg boss Tamil. For more updates stay tuned on this page. Soon we will be here with Bigg Boss Tamil 10th Week Voting Result, Firstly check 9th Week Voting Result. 

Weekly Updates Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for 10th Week: In the 10th week we saw that Aarav and Snehan get saved. But Kaajal gets eliminated. Hard luck for Kajal. She had entered the house a few weeks back. And has been eliminated so soon. Seems like she had failed in making fan following more than others.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for 9th Week: Phew!! Another Elimination. As you know, Bigg Boss Tamil has done one more elimination. And this time this is none other than but the one who is being nominated since last two weeks i.e. Raiza. She has been evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting for 8th week: In the 8th week of Bigg Boss Tamil Gayathri gets eliminated. And 2 new wild card entries have entered the show. 


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online


Bigg Boss Tamil Voting for 7th Week: In the 7th-week voting results it got confirmed that Sakthi got eliminated from the house. 



Bigg Boss Tamil 6th week Voting Result: In the 6th week of Tamil Bigg boss, Juliana is evicted after getting lesser votes than Vaiyyapuri and Oviya.


5th Week Voting Update: This week there will be no elimination & no Voting in Bigg Boss Tamil. However, you may put your vote in the poll given here above by this website to know the popularity of contestants.

So, first of all, let’s have a look at Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants which are:


AararIn the House
Ganja KuruppuEliminated
Ganesh In the House
Harathi GaneshEliminated
VaiyyapuriIn the House
SnehanIn the House
JulianaEvicted in 6th week
Kaajal PashupathiEvicted
Harish KalyanIn the house
Suja VaruneeEvicted

So names are very clear for whom you can start voting. Note that in Tamil version of Bigg Boss there will be the same format as in Big Brother. The show will last till 100 days and elimination will be done only on the basis of public voting. Therefore in order to vote for your favourite contestant, you may choose any of the ways among these:

  1. Bigg Boss Tamil Online Vote
  2. Offline Vote via SMS On voting Numbers.
  3. Voting through Android Application.


 Those who want to vote via SMS may check the voting numbers allotted to contestants that will be updated later on here. 


Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting 

There is a direct correlation between voting in the show and elimination. Because the contestant who fails in impressing the audience may get out of the show. According to the format of the show, the lowest vote-getting contestant will get eliminated once the eliminations start. Among these total 14 contestants, it is difficult to say in starting that who will be eliminated from the show at first. But as the show progresses the real faces of contestants will come in front of everyone. Here you can check the list of eliminations of Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 on regular basis.

Anuya Bhagvath7210122302
Ganesh Vanketram7210122304
Ganja kuruppu7210122305
Gayathri Raguram7210122306
Harathi Ganesh7210122307
Raiza Wilson7210122311
Shakthi Vasudevan7210122313
Bindhu Madhavi7210122316
Kaajal Pashupathi7210122317
Harish Kalyan7210122318
Suja Varunee7210122319

To Vote for your favourite contestant via phone call, just give missed call on these mentioned numbers.


This week out of these three following contestants one will be evicted from the show. For more updates regarding Elimination stay tuned with us here.



How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil

As the show is has been started and this time there is going to be online voting for Bigg Boss. Therefore in order to vote online for your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil show, you need to follow some steps. To do Bigg Boss voting you have to check these steps and have to follow these carefully.


Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

  • First of all open Google search box in any browser.


  • Then Type “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Voting”  in the search box.Bigg Boss Tamil Voting


  • On the next, step you will see pictures of contestants and choose the number of votes you want to cast for your favourite contestant.Bigg Boss Tamil VotingBigg Boss Tamil VotingBigg Boss Tamil VotingBigg Boss Tamil Voting
  • In this manner, your vote will be cast but not considered until you vote by logging into your Gmail account.


  • Then you need to login to your Gmail id.Bigg Boss Tamil Voting


  • Select your favourite contestant and Click on Submit.


  • Thus in this way, Bigg Boss voting will be done.Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Note- Now you are not able to vote for the day. You can vote using different email id or can vote the next day using the same id.

This is the way of Bigg Boss Voting. You need to follow these steps repeatedly every week. Because you never know which contestant will eliminate. 


Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Weekly Updates:

  • Ganja Karuppu has been evicted from the show due to low voting numbers on 9th July 2017.
  • After Ganja Karuppu Harathi Ganesh was the one who gets evicted on 16th July 2017 on the basis of 10th-14th July Voting Result.
  • This Week Ganesh, Oviya, Namitha has been nominated for elimination. And according to prediction Namitha is going to be eliminated from the show. For updates be with us. 
  • 5th Week was a no Elimination Week.
  • 6th Week was a shocking week as Oviya and Juliana both get eliminated. Oviya had a huge fan following. Besides this, she gets evicted.
  • In 7th week shakthi get eliminated.
  • And now in the 8th week, it’s turn for Gayathri. Where She get evicted, 2 new wild card entries have been made to the show.
  • In 9th Week Raiza gets eliminated.
  • 10th week was full of surprises. Where Trigger Shakthi ex-contestant of Bigg Boss entered the show, on the other hand, Kajal gets eliminated.

You may start voting online for nominated contestants to save them from eviction of every week on Sunday. As you already know voting lines gets closed on every Friday. So vote for your favourite Housemate from Monday to Friday itself. For more updates keep on checking this page for voting details of contestants.


Bigg Boss Tamil winner

After voting gets closed on Friday, Now it’s time to check who will get evicted this week. Out of the nominated contestants, there will be one who will go home after voting results. However, Oviya has being nominated every week but due to the good number of votes, she sustained in the show. Now let us see what will happen on this upcoming Sunday. How many numbers of votes will she get? But the question arises Is Oviya a Prime Targeted contestant for elimination? These questions have been solved now as Oviya has been eliminated and is in no mood to come back to show.


Bigg Boss Vote Online

Generally, nowadays, people prefer to vote online rather vote offline by SMS or call. So as mentioned above you can cast vote online also. Now from this year Bigg Boss Voting online is available. Now before Bigg Boss Vote let us discuss nominated contestants each week in the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil is gaining popularity is whole south India. And the audience is participating in voting in a large number. 

Till now Oviya is getting a maximum number of votes in Bigg Boss Tamil.

The show has covered its half path and gradually we will have finale voting results and winner updates after Bigg Boss Tamil online vote system. 


So all viewers may start voting online right now to save the favourite contestant from elimination. The voting lines are open until Friday 12 PM. Therefore check SMS Voting codes for nominated contestants for Bigg Boss Tamil Voting. And also you may vote online.

Bigg Boss Tamil July Voting Details

  • 26th June-30th June Vote Updates: Nominations were like following
  1. Juliana
  2. Shree
  3. Anuya
  • 3rd July-7th July Vote Updates: Nominated Contestants
  1. Bharani
  2. Ganja Karuppu
  3. Oviya
  • 10th July – 14th July Vote Updates: Following contestants were nominated:
  1. Harathi Ganesh
  2. Oviya
  3. Juliana
  4. Vaiyyapuri
  • 17th July to 21st July Vote Updates: The nominated contestants are:
  1. Ganesh Vanketram
  2. Namitha
  3. Oviya
  • 24th July to 28th July Vote Updates: No Nomination or Elimination Week

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting August Details

  • 31st July to 4th August Voting Updates: Nominations are
  1. Juliana
  2. Oviya
  3. Vaiyyapuri
  • 7th August to 11th August Voting Details: Nominations are as follows
  1. Sakthi
  2. Snehan
  3. Aarav
  4. Gayathri
  5. Ganesh
  6. Bindu Madhavi
  7. Vaiyyapuri
  • 14th August to 18th August Vote: Followings contestants are nominated
  1. Raiza
  2. Gayathri
  • 21st August to 25th August Voting: check Nominations below
  1. Raiza
  2. Vaiyyapuri
  3. Snehan

Bigg boss Tamil September Voting details

  • 28th August – 1st September 2017 Voting: Following are nominated contestants.
  1. Aarav
  2. Kajal
  3. Snehan
  • 4th Sept – 8th Sept 2017 Vote: Nominated contestants are
  1. Bindu Madhavi
  2. Ganesh 
  3. Harish Kalyan
  4. Suja Varunee



Interestingly Oviya has been evicted. Due to which people have lost a bit interest in the Bigg Boss Tamil. May be it’s a Publicity Stunt to get the TRP’s or may be she has been eliminated in real. We will disclose it soon. Till then Keep voting here.

Now let us see that who will get evicted this week. To save these contestants you can vote till 18th August midnight up to 12 AM. So if you want to see your favourite participant in the show, you may start the vote for him/her.

For more voting result updates of this week keep on checking this page regularly. 

Bigg Boss 11 Voting


Bigg Boss Tamil Winner 2017

Are you wondering about who will be the winner of this show? Do you also have this question in mind that who will be Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 Winner? If yes then your curiosity is going to increase day by day. Because the show will last for 100 days from starting date 25th June. Therefore it will be interesting to know who will win the show. However there can be many predictions like some will say Hemang Badani will win, some will predict that Amala Paul will win. But trust me nothing can be clearly said before the show finale. So just go through Bigg Boss Tamil Voting.

Bigg Boss Voting Result

Every week the elimination process will continue. Before that, every Monday contestants have to nominate the contestants in order to make them eliminate. And on Sunday Kamal Hassan announces the Result of the weekly voting done by the public. And here we are presenting the complete detail of Result of the first season of  Tamil Bigg Boss. Following is the list.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting


NameElimination Time
ShreeLeft in 1st Week
Anuya1st Week
Ganja Kuruppu2nd Week
Harathi Ganesh3rd week
Namitha4th Week
No elimination5th Week
Juliana & Oviya6th Week
Shakthi7th Week
Gayathri8th Week
Raiza9th Week
Kajal10th Week

We will keep updating the result of voting here week by week. so check it out every week the voting result as well as the name of the eliminated contestant.

Bigg Boss Voting

So, guys, I would just advise you to follow the show and do regular Bigg Boss Tamil Voting. Because your vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants matters a lot. You may follow any of the ways mentioned above for voting online or offline, it’s up to you.



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